Digital Collage


Not as expected.

So this summer was not as productive as originally intended. My inspiration must have failed me along the way, for I barely produced anything art worthy. I’m not too bummed, considering in a week I’ll be wishing I could take a minute to breathe from art but it happens. I suppose I need a proper schedule to follow to get the creative juices flowing.

I did help my mom a lot with her business Jen’s Rag Bags. She makes purses and bags out of vintage fabric and remnants from upholstery fabric. You should check out her stuff!

We went to the Orlando Gift Show which was a let down and mainly a whole bunch of cheap, shiny stuff. But we looked good doing it!

I also learned a disheartening lesson about Printmaking. You really need a press. I used plastiboard (flattened out PCP pipe) and a carving tool to get the image. But you can’t substitute a rolling pin and your own force for a press. Below is the result. Not too bad but the only art related thing I did this summer.

I suppose that’s what fall is for. Picking yourself back up again.

Watching Project Runway Helps.

Not settling in summer.

Finally summer classes are over.

I have come to realize, for me, that school is pretty unbearable with art classes to get me through the days. Everything is just a little more boring and little more stressful. I finished a lot of work for my job including an enewsletter (started learning some coding basics) and a print newsletter. After a stressful three weeks of work I can finally relax… and work on personal projects. 

Finding the drive to work creatively without any projects or deadlines is very difficult for me. I’ve researched and researched the best way to go about this but with no strong inspiration. I am limited on supplies. We’ll see what I can come up with: 

– a very old windows laptop with Dreamweaver CS3

– Black etching ink

– Some Plastiboard

– A carving tool

Something good has got to come out of that. Surely.

Moving up in the world.

Going into college I knew two things: I was insanely excited and insanely scared.

That was two years ago.

My freshmen Fall semester I joined the Pride of the Sunshine Fighting Gator Marching Band. It was a mouthful and a wonderful experience I’ll never forget. However, going into spring semester, I had no money and my parents cut me off. That’s when I decided I needed to get a job. And the place that hired me was Subway.

I’ll probably go into detail later on how Subway was an interesting experience to say the least but the point of this post is to explain how if you keep looking for opportunity it will find you. 

After a year of working at Subway I just couldn’t do it anymore. Late nights, early classes, smelling like banana peppers (which by the way to this day I cannot eat). It was too much. so I started looking for a new job, hopefully one in my field. Which I applied to be a Graphic Artist for the student union. It was the first time I’ve had to put together a portfolio and I waited a long time to get that call back, only to be further prolonged. Finally, I get an email telling me I didn’t get the job but asking me if my name could be passed on. Later that week I received an email for an interview with the advisor for the Engineering School of Sustainable Infrastructure & Environment and got a job there as a graphic artist. Now I’ve made a lot of progress in my own work and learned more than I would ever imagine.

My advice?

1. Don’t think you’re stuck in a quicksand pit forever. There’s always opportunities waiting to be grasped at. Be the first one who finds it.

2. Don’t doubt your own abilities. You may think that just because you’re a student and only have fast food work experience there’s nothing available  But you have to be confident and strong.

3. Never stop searching. There’s always new opportunities. Even if you like where you are why not challenge yourself?